Sunday, 23 November 2014

Recycling highs

Bath & North East Somerset Council is on track for a record performance in recycling thanks to local residents.

This financial year (2014/15) it is forecast that 80% of the waste collected from homes will be recycled and/ or treated. Last year this figure was just under 75% and of this, 48% was sent for recycling, reuse and composting.

Rubbish not recycled goes to a mechanical biological treatment plant at Avonmouth for treatment, not landfill. Some materials including metals can be reclaimed for recycling during this process, however it is still cheaper and more environmentally-friendly to collect materials separately for recycling through the green box, food waste and blue bag collections.

The Council is also looking to tackle issues with gulls in the Bath wards of Oldfield and Westmoreland wards with new reusable bags. In response to feedback from local residents the Council is providing free reusable rubbish bags to around 2,666 properties. We have asked for these bags in a number of places in Odd Down.

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