Sunday, 2 November 2014

Odd Down Playing fields

We have received this from the council

It has been almost 2 months already since the 2G astro opened at Odd Down Playing Fields, so we thought it would be useful to update you on the progress at the site, as well as passing on a few messages.

New Pavilion
The construction of the new pavilion has seen the framework for the roof and the initial timber go on.  We are expecting the building to open in spring still, but until then advise all users on site to be vigilant particularly when in the car park area.  When balls go over the fencing, the Kier staff will bring them to us and they can be collected from the temporary office.

Could coaches please supervise the movement of goals and ensure that when finished they are returned to the right areas at the side of the pitch.  We ask that they be left on the wheels so that they do not flatten the pile underneath.

There are refuse bins and recycling bins pitch-side on the astro.  Although there are no bins on the grass pitches, can teams please ensure that they take with them after the game all bottles, taping, and other rubbish.  Another 8 bins have been ordered and will be placed on site within the next month.

Access to cycle circuit
When there is an attendant on duty and there is not a group booking, the cycle circuit can be opened for individual users at a cost of £1.  Whilst we aim to have a member of staff on site at all times from 0900-2200 Monday to Friday and 0900 – 1800 at weekends, there may be times when staff members have to leave site.  On these occasions, the circuit is not available for use.

Access to Astro
When the astro is not booked, we are encouraging local children under the age of 18 to come and use the astro for a ‘Mash up’ with friends.  The cost is £1 per person, but they must have the appropriate footwear.

Grass Pitches
Part of the project to build a performance centre at Odd Down Playing Fields is the rejuvenation of the grass pitches.  We have invested in new moveable goals to give us flexibility in pitch rotation, and are preparing pitches for rugby, 11-a-side, 9-a-side and 7-a-side.  We aim to rope off junior pitches for games, but would ask coaches to give the member of staff a hand to move the goals into position and back again if necessary.

Dog walkers
We are encouraging dog owners to walk their dogs around the perimeter of the field, particularly with the amount of work which is about to commence on the grass area.  In addition, the Dog Warden will be on site at varying times during the week to talk with dog owners about the importance of sticking to these areas so that we can create a safe and clean environment for the players young and old of all sports.  She will also be giving out free doggy-bags!

Until the construction of the new building is finished, parking is going to be challenging at peak times.  Please encourage your members to find alternative methods of transport, and make them aware that parking on the grassy side of Chelwood Drive is not allowed.  If users intend to bring a coach or mini-bus on site, can you please let us know beforehand.

If you require any further information then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team who are based in the portacabin adjacent to the 3g astro.

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