Monday, 20 October 2014

No 14 bus route - changes in Odd Down

As from 2nd November the route is changing to go one way along Bloomfield Road and Bloomfield Drive. Here is a map of the change.

This change is following a petition in Bloomfield Drive. First have agreed to a trial of a different route for the number 14 bus. 

This is has been a difficult decision, with so many things going on. Cars have been damaged in Bloomfield Drive as buses try to pass each other, it also will allow people to use public transport to the works on Odd Down playing fields as well as those that live in Bloomfield Road. 

If you stop on the bus there is no extra charge as the fare is now the maximum in Bath. Please let us know who this goes. We are in looking into ways of trying to sort out the issues for those inconvenienced by this change.

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