Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fracking to Bath - no thanks

Considerable concern has been expressed about the possibility of shale gas extraction through “fracking” in or around Bath. Research evidence has shown that fracking could damage the hot springs on which the tourism economy of Bath depends.

Following extensive lobbying by Bath’s MP Don Foster and Council Leader Cllr Paul Crossley, the Government has announced a new restrictions which mean that there is minimal chance of fracking taking place in or around Bath.

Commenting, Don Foster said: “Paul and I have worked hard with Secretary of State, Ed Davey MP, to ensure Bath residents now have a new package of protections to fend off anyone who thinks fracking in our area might be a good idea.”

Cllr Crossley said: “I’m delighted. The geological evidence we provided shows that fracking could lead to a significant disruption to the hot water spring waters on which the tourism of the city depends and could damage the water pressure without which we could see buildings in the city collapse.”

Don Foster and Paul Crossley have also pointed to the recently published maps which show that the three main areas where large amounts of shale gas exists lie nowhere near the city. (The closest one being in the South East corner of England, whilst the other two are in the North East of England and Scotland.)

Don Foster said; “with these new protections and evidence that the best sources of shale gas are nowhere near Bath, the message is clear; “if you want to frack, then look somewhere else.”

Cllr Steve Hedges and Nigel Roberts said, " We are opposed to fracking altogether, this is good news for Bath and its spring water."

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