Sunday, 17 November 2013

Core strategy - building at Southstoke

This is the letter we have sent to the Bath Chronicle - for further information this will give you information on how to write in either in support or against

For further information about objections

It is disappointing the council is carrying out a yet another consultation with regard to building on the Southstoke plateau. This time the council is designating the overall plan for 300 houses. This process was supposed to take a year and involve the community, now it is to be done in two weeks without any say from anyone. By rushing such an important plan, it is a wonder how many mistakes will be made, and how many residents lives will be ruined unnecessarily.
Let's get something clear from the beginning there is no argument over the need for housing, there is a need for the 12,700 houses that the plan allows for over the next 15 years. However, it seems wrong to us that the reason this is being rushed is due to green fields that are easy to build upon.

What is worse is there is an alternative, The MOD sites will not be developed and western riverside also will not have its extra phases. The density of housing on these sites are due to be 35 per hectare, Sulis Meadows next to the Southstoke plateau is 45, Oldfield Park is 90 and the old historic part of Bath is 120 per hectare. A small increase in density on the empty brownfield sites of only 10% would mean that there is no need for development on the green fields at Southstoke or Weston.

Overall, there are few winners in this plan, maybe a few house builders if they decide to build. There are already building permissions for 500 houses in B&NES  that have not been started,  but to us it seems to be that the builders win, and everyone else loses.

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