Sunday, 12 May 2013

Culverhay Sports Centre

Bath Community Academy has issued this note, see below. We are working with the executive councillor for Leisure to try and ensure that the sports centre remains open to the public.

The current arrangements between Aquaterra and Bath and North East Somerset council relating to the management of the Culverhay Sports Centre will end on 3Oth June 2013. The subsidy that has been provided by BANES throughout the duration of that arrangement is no longer available to the Cabot Learning Federation (CLF). 

In light of this change in situation, the CLF and Bath Community Academy have worked hard to find a solution that enables these facilities to remain open to the public. The funding that the CLF and Bath Community Academy receives from central government is intended for the sole purpose of educating the students who attend the academy and we are not in a position where we can allocate this source of revenue to the maintenance of a sports centre provision. The CLF and the Academy will continue to work with BANES to pursue opportunities to appoint an external operator to provide this service in the future if it can be demonstrated to be financially viable, however as we are not able to facilitate an interim arrangement this will mean the facilities, whilst remaining open to the academy for student use during the day, will be closed to the public from 1st July

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