Saturday, 25 May 2013

35 student rooms at Radway petrol station - too many ?

This planning application is 13/01920/FUL Radway Service Station 482 Wellsway Bath BA2 2UB

We feel that this should be refused as this is over development of the site, 35 students houses represents an increase over the current 4 flats that have been allowed.

The area has an issue with traffic, although I am sure that the applicant will say that the students will not have cars this is unrealistic considering the area doesn't sit on a direct bus route to either university.

The development of two storeys is out of keeping with the rest of the area and will affect the amenity of the two houses next to the development.

Unfortunately that it is a petrol station is not important in planning terms. Although if this petrol station goes Bath will be left with only 4.

If you want to give your views, please contact Planning Services PO BOX 5006, Bath, BA1 1JG Tel: (01225)477000   Fax: (01225) 394199

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