Thursday, 28 February 2013

300 houses for green fields around Sulis Meadows

The council has to produce a land plan for the development in Bath and North East Somerset. As part of that plan the council is proposing to build 300 houses in the fields around Sulis Meadows.

The decision to where exactly they will go will be decided later, this plan is only identifying the rough area.   This is to be decided at a meeting on the 4th March.  As local councillors we do not feel that is a good idea.
1.The area has been designated as Green Belt and as an area of outstanding natural beauty, and as such is protected under national guidance.
2.It also could mean that Southstoke is linked to Bath
3.That the Wansdyke an ancient schedule monument is not protected.
4. Transport links in Odd Down are not good

For those reasons we feel that the council shouldn't put this land up for housing. If you want to object please contact the lead councillors on the council.

Paul Crossley
John Bull
Francine Haeberling
Douglas Deacon

 If you would like further information, please contact us

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