Sunday, 20 January 2013

Counci Recycling (1)

NEW small electrical recycling collection starts 18 February 2013
Starting 18 February, we will collect small unwanted or broken electrical items from the homes of residents, as part of our weekly green box recycling collection service.
This new collection will make it easier and more convenient for residents to recycle even more of their waste, and save on trips to their local Recycling Centre. This new collection is being funded by a central government capital grant.
We will collect any small electrical item that has a plug or uses batteries. The items must be able to fit into an average size plastic carrier bag.
Suitable items for collection include:
  • Bedside lamps (please remove light bulbs and shades), blenders, kettles, calculators, cameras, chargers, digi -boxes, electronic toothbrushes, electronic toys and games, hair straighteners, hi-fi equipment, irons, power tools, remote controls, shavers, telephones, toasters, torches and so on!
We can’t collect any large item such as:
  • No TVs and PC monitors, large printers, fridges and freezers, washing machines, cookers, microwave ovens, and lawn mowers. These can be recycled but are too big for this collection, so residents still need to take these to their local Recycling Centre instead. Alternatively, they can book a collection from the Council for a fee.
  • No fluorescent tubes and light bulbs
  • No items with leaking batteries or broken glass which could harm our crews.
The small electrical items must be put in an untied carrier bag next to the green recycling box on the usual weekly collection day by 7am. Residents can put out more than one carrier bag if necessary. They need to remove any batteries first and put these in a small plastic bag at the top of their green box as usual.
We ask residents not to forget to donate any working electricals in reusable condition to charity if possible.
All the items we collect will be crushed, separated into their different materials and recycled to make new products. It is a waste to throw these electrical items away because they can be recycled and made into new things using their valuable metals and plastics - one clothes iron can provide enough steel to make 13 new steel cans.

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