Sunday, 18 November 2012

Slow down sign in Old Fosse Road

A new speed awareness sign has been installed in Old Fosse Road, this sign can be altered from 30 mph to 20 mph when Old Fosse Road becomes part of the city wide 20 mph area.

Cllr Steve Hedges said " The traffic calming in Old Fosse Road has helped a bit, but not for all drivers, we hope this sign will help to slow traffic."  

Cllr Nigel Roberts added, " The sign can be turned around if we find that speeding is only happening one way." 

20 MPH rolls out to Kingsway and Bloomfield Drive areas.  

 A consultation is going on on whether Kingsway and the areas around Bloomfield Drive should become a 20 mph zone. Your Lib Dem councillors feel that not all traffic may obey the speed limits, but it is important that we identify these as residential areas , speed kills.    The consultation for Old Fosse Road and surrounding roads will take place next year.

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