Monday, 12 November 2012

Consultation on bus services

Bath & North East Somerset Council is consulting on the appropriate priorities for Bus Revenue Support funding for the 2013/14 financial year. 
The Council currently spends around £1 million per annum on supported bus services, but faces competing pressures for this funding if services are to be maintained or improved.
In 2013/14 additional costs would be incurred if the Council continues to upgrade services and wishes to maintain the half-hourly frequencies on two core bus service corridors in Bath. 
Analysis of the current provision of supported bus services has identified some that are not well-used, some that offer relatively poor value for money, and some for which there are alternatives on other bus or train services. Consideration has also been given to the opportunities for community transport providers to expand their flexible, demand-responsive services to provide alternatives for passengers. 
We are therefore consulting with representatives, parishes, and stakeholders to obtain their views on the specific service developments and potential changes to services before a final proposal is decided on by Cabinet in February 2013.  
We welcome responses from all residents, groups, and communities and parishes that may be affected by these changes. 
This consultation will close on Wednesday 12th December 2012

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