Wednesday, 7 March 2012

New debates in Bath

D:BATE   D:BATE is an new debating forum organising 4 events a year in Bath.   The inaugural event is at the Pump Room, Bath on Monday March 19th at 8pm.   The subject for debate is: ‘Digital is killing the print industry. The presses will stop running in ten years.’   Guest speakers will include: For the motion: Mike Goldsmith (Editor-in-Chief, Digital Editions, Future Publishing), Richard Godfrey (CEO iPrinciples) and Chris Book (Local Digital Entrepreneur). Against the motion are: Julian Gough (Award winning Author), Robert Topping (Owner of Toppings Book Store) and Sam Holliday (Editor, Bath Chronicle).  Mike Ellis, one of the organisers of the Bath Digital Festival will chair the session.   There will be plenty of chance for audience participation: on arrival people will be asked to vote for or against the motion; once all the speakers have pitched their arguments for or against there will be a final public vote.   The D:BATE event is at the Pump Room, Bath on Monday 19 March, from 8pm to 10pm. Tickets are £8  (£5 students) and are available from:   The second event is scheduled in June in the shadows of the Jubilee celebration to debate the value of the Monarchy

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