Sunday, 31 July 2011

Do you know someone who deserves recognition for their work in the community?

Last year The Student Community Partnership worked with Somer Housing and the Awards organisers in B&NES Council to introduce the category of 'Good Neighbour' with a subcategory of 'Student Good Neighbour'. This is a great opportunity for students to be recognised for the positive contributions that they make.

Perhaps you know a someone who helps their neighbour with their gardening? or regularly helps their neighbour with their shopping? These are the types of everyday acts of kindness that we are looking to recognise with the 'Good Neighbour' category.

Please let us know


genie1961 said...

I know someone that works tirelessly to help other people. He has fixed serious plumbing problems and has rewired electrical work for people who were afraid of their homes burning down. He chops wood to make sure that everyone around him is warm in the winter and heads the project warm safe & dry. He works for the assembly of god and believes that everyone just needs a leg up and he expects nothing in return. But, the sad part is he has nothing either execept his knowlege & his tools. He is the best person that I know and the kindest man I've ever met.

genie1961 said...

I know someone who deserves recognition for his work in the community. I've only known him for a month and what I know is, he is caring, kind and makes sure alot of people get a leg up on their lives. He is a master fixer. He heads a project dry safe and warm and chops down wood that has come down from the storm and piles it for the people to warm their homes in the winter. He fixes electrical for people who's homes are not wired correctly and they are worried about fire, he helps during the storms to clean out the basements and take care of the older residents in the area. He works tirelessly and never asks for anything in return. He does this for the assembly of god. He is a true angel on earth and I feel he needs to get some type of recognition.