Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Advice from Police

There have been recent incidents in the Bath and North East Somerset area where persons have walked into homes and stolen items through closed, but not locked, rear doors and windows particularly patio doors. Please be advised to consider the security of your household, especially the rear doors and windows.

With the run up to summer and the warmer weather burglars will use this as an opportunity to get in through an insecure door or window and that includes small windows such as skylights or bathroom fanlights. In fact a potential thief can get through any gap that is larger than a human head.

In view of this and by taking a few simple steps, you can make summertime a hard time for these criminals.

Check all ground floor doors and windows are locked before you go out or go to bed!

Make sure your shed and garage are secure, mark your property and lock away your tools after gardening; they could be used to assist a potential opportunist thief.

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