Friday, 25 March 2011

Culverhay - survey

To support the need for Culverhay to go co-ed the Culverhay Action Group is running a survey

Would you consider sending your child to a new co-educational Free School on the Culverhay site?

A ‘Free School’ is fundamentally the same as an Academy; funded directly by central government and accountable to central government, but with more input from parents and the community. It has the same legal requirements as Academies and would enjoy the same flexibilities to help deliver an excellent education and drive up standards. It would be ‘Free’ in the sense that it would be, like Academies, free from local authority control.

Our co-educational Free School will look and feel just like a normal school. It will be fully inclusive and we will ensure that it is at the hub of our community, offering adult education, evening classes, keep fit activities, school holiday children’s club and any other services that the community requests.

Please show your support for a new Co-Ed school on the Culverhay site by completing this survey, adding any other activities that you would like offered.

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