Monday, 13 December 2010

Good news for Bath schools

There is now a major investment for schools in Bath through the Pupil Premium.

In its first year the programme will target £625m extra funding to the poorest children in school, with this figure rising to £2.5bn each year, by the end of this Parliament.

In year one, every school is guaranteed an extra £430 from the Government for every child on free school meals and every looked-after child.

In Bath and North East Somerset could mean around 976,000 pounds in extra cash.

Commenting, Don Foster MP for Bath said: "For years, Labour told us that children in just one or two London boroughs were worth more than children here in Bath. That was a disgrace and we're bringing it to an end.

"The premium gives Headteachers in Bath the freedom to use the money how they want, in the ways they know work - not how politicians in Whitehall tell them to."

"By helping some of the most disadvantaged children, we can help whole classes work together better and move forward faster. This is great news for children, parents and teachers alike."

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