Monday, 1 March 2010

RSS Steve and Nigel's view

The Core Strategy

Fails to address housing numbers from a local perspective. The Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) housing numbers have been dictated by Government at Westminster and were based on the growth that was expected a couple of years ago. It is unlikely that this level of growth will happen.

The Core Strategy is driven by growth, but why should we accept the growth that Government want us to have? Growth, such as we have had in the past, has not been related to quality of life or to the wellbeing of local people.

Steve said “how can this be good for Odd Down,we already have a new large development at St. Martins,as well as the one at the old Clarks site and a new superstore to be built, and no major improvements for roads, our road system in odd Down is fit to burst and most days is grid locked”

Local Decision Making

The Liberal Democrat view is that local communities should decide on their future, including how much growth that they want to see. In the South West. With low wages the norm for many of our young people. Many will never own their own homes in the present housing market with its critical shortage of affordable homes.

Nigel said "The Liberal Democrats are committed to making changes directed from the grassroots of our local communities. The present Core Strategy is a top down document, based on compliance with Government direction."

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