Monday, 18 January 2010

Sainsbury's for Odd Down(6)

This is my view as expressed to the planning committee

Although not within Odd Down ward the effect of this application will have widespread implications for my residents.

I have tried to remain open minded about the application, the retail survey did identify a need, something I would agree with, and I don't have an objection in principal to a supermarket on the site.

However, I would ask you to refuse this application for the following reasons:

The main reason is the traffic. Traffic is difficult in Odd Down, it is now common place from the neighbouring estate to the development not to turn right, but to turn left and go 500m along to the P&R roundabout, then back again to go into town.

Putting money to the 20A/C will have no effect on traffic levels. The area is already served by 42 P&R bus to the hospital which stops in Twerton, and the 14 which is every 7 minutes, which goes down through the outskirts of Oldfield Park. If in the unlikely event this is effective, the sum of money is a capital sum, what happens when the money runs out, the store will be still there, and so will be the traffic.

The original plan was for a mixed use site, this has stretched the limit of mixed use, I would go as far as to say far too far. The size of the superstore excedes that identified in the retail study.

At Noad's corner half a mile from the site is an empty unit, vacated by Smiles, that has been empty for over year. This are is designated by the council as a protected shopping area. Along the road, Upper Bloomfield Road, is a another shopping centre, also protected by the local plan, we have been refusing change of use in this area, to keep it as shops. It is anchored by a convenience shop, the effect of this superstore will mean both areas have no chance of having anything open again. What plans have been made to deal with this ?

Please could democratic services provide a copy for the planning members at their meeting


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