Friday, 20 November 2009

Rush Hill Speeding Traffic

Cllr Nigel Roberts asked the following question at the recent full council - Rush Hill is difficult as physical things to slow traffic down, like sleeping policemen, are difficult due to the gradients.

Maybe something is going to happen.

Rush Hill has a problem with speeding traffic. Rush Hill as a result of the speeding traffic has had a number of accidents, please could the Executive Member detail the total number of accidents in Rush Hill and indicate what measures his department are planning to reduce speed?

Answer from Cabinet Member for Customer Services

Accident records show that in the latest 3 year period, a total of 3 injury accidents (2 slight and 1 serious) have been recorded on Rush Hill between Englishcombe Lane and Old Fosse Road. The 5 year record indicates 12 injury accidents on this length of road, however apart from one accident at the junction with Old Fosse Road, all the accidents were concentrated on the level section between Englishcombe Lane and the eastern end of Culverhay School. No injury accidents have been recorded on the steeply graded length of road between the school and Old Fosse Road during that 5 year period.

No speed data exists for Rush Hill, however speed counts will be arranged for both the level and steeply graded sections. Action to address speeding issues will be dependant on the results of these surveys.

A brief has been forwarded to our Design Group to investigate the possibility of constructing a mini-roundabout at the junction of Rush Hill and Englishcombe Lane, which, if feasible, will have a speed-reducing effect on vehicles at this point.

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