Sunday, 19 July 2009

Pot holes in Kingsway

We got fed up with asking about pot holes in Kingsway. We will wait to see if anything is done, the email said something was to happen !

Question from: Councillor Nigel Roberts
a) What is the cost per meter for filling in pot holes in comparison to the cost of
re-surfacing a road?
b) What was the total spent on re-surfacing roads in 2008/9 and what is the
expected amount in 2009/10?
c) Please could the executive member carry out urgent action to deal with all of
the potholes in Kingsway, or alternatively arrange for a reduction in council tax for those residents affected?

Answer from: Councillor Charles Gerrish
a) The average cost for filling a pothole in the UK (Exc. London) has been
calculated as £67 by the Asphalt Industries Alliance. Using our current contract we have estimated that it would cost us in the region of £38. For carriageway resurfacing the all in cost is £12 per square metre not including for sites where tar bound material exists.
b) Our carriageway structural maintenance and surface dressing budget for
2008/09 was £1.8 million and for 2009/10 the anticipated spend is £2.45 million
inclusive of a £436k DfT Capital Grant.
c) I have separately exchanged e-mails with Cllr Roberts on this matter

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