Friday, 21 March 2008

Buses Bloomfield Drive/Road

Problems of buses in Bloomfield Drive has been raised several times, buses meeting each other and getting stuck, also that there are no buses running during the day in Bloomfield Road.

We are running a consultation, to see if those that live in area would like to see a change.

Th e previous consultation th e majority of respondents said they wanted buses to remain in Bloomfield Drive and not to have yellow lines to help the buses pass, due to current problem s of parking - There are two new suggestions and the option of remaining as things are now. Please indicate your view.

That buses go along Bloomfield Drive one way and return to town the other way through Bloomfield Road, or along Bloomfield Road and return via Bloomfield Drive.

The other option is this route is followed by every second bus, the rest following the current
route. This would mean it is less likely for buses to meet in Bloomfield Drive


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