Wednesday, 20 February 2008

New bus pass for the over 60's

1. Does it start on April 1?   YES

2. Is a new card required or is the existing card ok? A new card will be required -Temporary cards will be issued to residents if our own cards are not ready in time, though there is believed to be a low risk of this happening.

3. Is a new start time of 9.30 effective on April 1? In the existing Diamond card area (ie former Avon area) the start time will remain at 9 am but outside the area it will be 9.30.

4. is it correct that from April 1 a bus pass will enable a holder to catch any local bus in this country and does this include Wales and Scotland as well? The new passes will apply to all local bus services in England. Seperate schemes will operate in Wales and Scotland and they are not interchangable.

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