Saturday, 19 January 2008

Stop the Construction of a Mass Burn Incinerator in Bristol

Join the Campaign to Stop the Construction of a Mass Burn Incinerator in Bristol!

Please help us put a stop to the planned construction of a Mass Burn Incinerator in Bristol. The construction of the Incinerator would be a major backward step in our efforts to make Bristol and Bath a Cleaner and Greener place to live.

We object to plans from the West of England Partnership, Bristol City Council, and surrounding councils to build a mass-burn incinerator in Avonmouth, Bristol. Incinerators are an outdated and wasteful solution as well as being harmful to the environment. Not only will it reduce incentives to recycle more household waste but it would lead to more freight traffic around Shirehampton and Avonmouth as waste is brought in from across the region to burn. To keep incinerators going they need to be feed with waste, this is waste that could be re-cycled.

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