Sunday, 2 December 2007

Urban Extension part(2)

The governments Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) proposes that extra housing should be met via an urban extension to Bath.

The council believes redistributing the entire shortfall to other parts of the district would result in much more commuting into the City as a large proportion of those households will seek jobs that will be generated in Bath.

Ear-marking the countryside for development is a highly sensitive and emotive issue for any town or city. Bath is tightly surrounded by the Green Belt, and much of the countryside surrounding Bath is designated as Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and that which is not is an attractive rural landscape. The UNESCO citation for Bath refers to the setting of the World Heritage Site as key feature.

The site search area is enclosed. What it doesn't include are the fields around Sulis Meadows. For some reason, we do not know the reason why, but this areas is included in the AONB while other areas are not.

It is our intention to write objecting to the urban extension. We have opposed this at council meetings, as we believe that "tagging" houses on the outside of Bath, without the right roads, shops, schools is wrong, as well as building on Greenfield sites is wrong. This will not be a sustainable development, where are the jobs for these people ?

This is is just about producing houses, not homes. It will do nothing to solve the housing problems in Bath as none of these houses will be affordable.

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