Saturday, 10 November 2007

Weight Limit enforcement

It appears that the number of lorries using the Old Fosse area has reduced.

Having asked a question at the council executive about enforcing the weight limit on Old Fosse Road and the surrounding roads. We have received this response.

"It is only the police that can enforce this type of restriction (Wright Limit)" We have therefore asked the police to look at weight of vehicles in the Old Fosse Road.


AndrewJubb said...

Why have you made no comment on the biggest issue facing residents in Odd Down? Surely if you are supposed to be representing the people of Odd Down you need to be outlining your particular position on the possible 15,000 new homes to be built in our area. Do you even know about the residents meeting at Culverhay School on the 20th Nov? Also there was no mention of the issue in the latest leaflet that was distributed to homes. Tell us, WHAT IS YOUR POSITION? WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT IT? And therefore give us a reason to vote for you. I’m sure there must be a better reason for your vote than your effectiveness in highlighting the quality of road markings in the area. I look forward to your detailed reply,

Andrew Jubb

Odddown said...

The reply to comments truncates the link


First item

Our submission to the South West Assembly about the 2000 extra houses for South of Bath - August 2006

I would like to object to the proposals around the world heritage site of Bath, which include an urban extension of 2000-4000 houses on the south of Bath, and over 10,000 at Whitchurch. The urban extension is suggested, as it means the government hopes to get away with no infrastructure costs, in an area already straining due to a lack of investment. Most of of Bath's roads are already gridlocked, adding new houses will only make things worse.

If the urban extension is built around the Odd Down area, this area is undermined by mining for Fullers Earth with some areas not correctly mapped, it would not be sensible to build a new Combe Down with all the problems created.

Also most of this area is very steep, and in areas of outstanding natural beauty and green belt.

Bath is a world heritage site. Cologne Cathedral is in danger of losing its world heritage status, due to building on the skyline, adding 2000-4000 houses is not going to improve the world heritage status of the city, which in planning terms must be an important consideration. It would be sad if these plan ensure Bath loses its world heritage status, it would give the report authors a lasting legacy.