Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Urban Extension

As part of the 15,000 houses that Bath and North East Somerset have been told by the Government that they need to build, around 1000 are due to be built in an urban extension somewhere on the south west of Bath, the area of building is unknown.

A meeting was held at Culverhay School 20 November to discuss the urban extension.

A number of questions were asked at the meeting.

1. AONB vs. Green Belt: In essence, the difference is that AONBs are about protecting landscape Character and Green Belts are about protecting openness'. AONBs are designated by Natural England to protect the natural beauty of their landscape & countryside. Development can take place in these areas provided this overarching objective is met. Major developments should not take place except in exceptional circumstances. (National policy is set out in PPS 7 para 21 to 23 - see link below)
2. Brownfield land is defined by the Government in PPS3 as "Previously-developed land is that which is or was occupied by a permanent structure, including the curtilage of the developed land and any associated fixed surface infrastructure.’ It could therefore potentially be any derelict site or a site in current use which comes forward for development. It is therefore difficult to list . As you know, the Local Plan allocates some of the key brownfield sites for redevelopment. However, all local authorities are required to undertake a Housing Land Availability Assessment which we are currently working on and which should be public by Spring next year . In the meantime the best information that is available is the background evidence submitted to the RS EiP which lists key brownfield redevelopment opportunities in the urban areas and can be found at http://cis/NR/rdonlyres/F4B9E089-88A3-4AF9-84DA-409A489A2A09/0/3RSSUrbanCapacityResults.pdf
3. Land at South Stoke: This land is in the Green Belt & AONB & is subject to those policies of restraint. This land is NOT included in the RSS urban extension Area of Search but we await the RSS Examination in Public panel's report due in January 2008 for their response to the arguments put before them. The landowners have been unsuccessful in getting the land removed from the Green Belt and allocated for development through challenges to a number of previous Local Plans. I am not aware of any current planning application.
4. World Heritage Site Buffer Zone: Is to be clarified.

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