Sunday, 25 November 2007

Two Tunnels

There is in front of the council a planning application to re-open two tunnels that will allow access via cycle and walking to Midford from Bath.

A little over 4 miles of shared-use path, built on an existing disused rail line involving one substantial viaduct and two tunnels, one of over a mile in length. Much of the route above ground already has public access in one form or another.

Substantial parts of the route (Linear Park, Lyncombe Vale, Tucking Mill to Midford) already have public access of some sort (see below). Completion of the through route would connect NCN 24 at Midford to the centre of Bath via a route which is approximately five miles shorter than currently available, and create an attainable circular path passing from countryside to city and back. In its current state, the route forms a theme for a pleasant exploration that you'll enjoy if you're fit - a refreshing addition to the usual expectations of the city.

However, it could offer a far better experience - and to a wider range of people. For now, whether you're a visitor or resident, an exploration is recommended as a way to augment the usual perspectives on the City of Bath - but it would benefit everyone involved if the route offered a continuous and easily graded path.

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