Tuesday, 20 November 2007

ASB in Bath - Culverhay Meeting

There is a meeting at Culverhay School organised by the CO-OP. From the flyer.

‘Respect’ in Bath We would like your ideas on how we can make Bath a better place to live

Friday 23 November 2007 5.30pm - 7.30pm

How could Bath be made a better place?
Are you worried about crime or anti-social behaviour? Have you got any good ideas about what can be done? Come along to our event on Friday 23 November 2007 at 5.30pm, have your say and listen to the views of our panel:

Chair: Don Foster MP

We are particularly interested in ideas that would help tackle the problems associated with anti-social behaviour in your local community and encourage ‘respect’. Whether you are old or
young, what can be done to improve Bath? We cannot promise the world but we will listen to all the ideas put forward and look for ways to work together to find solutions. The Co-operative is not an ordinary retailer – we return our profits to our members and the communities in which we trade. To become a member or find out more, visit www.co-operative.coop

If you want to come please contact

Mr Chris Griffiths
The Co-operative
EX15 2DY
Alternatively, please telephone 01884 266 892 or email your booking
details to: chris.griffiths at co-operative.co.uk

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