Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Sulis Down

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The Hignett Family Trust and Bloor Homes have submitted revised plans for a new neighbourhood on land at Odd Down in Bath. The proposals continue to aim to deliver Phase One of the wider Sulis Down Masterplan, which will now provide 171 much needed new homes to the local area. The amended application documents can still be viewed and commented on by visiting B&NES Planning Applications and entering the reference: 17/02588/EFUL.

This still is not acceptable, the net impact on the area in traffic congestion and limited benefit is no acceptable. To think that this is only phase one makes it worse. 


Budget for B&NES adopted by Cabinet – Lib Dem comments
B&NES Cabinet has this evening adopted a recommended budget for the 2018-19 financial year. The proposals will see a council tax rise of 4.95% whilst the Council will shed 300 jobs, becoming a smaller organisation. The coming years will see further shake-ups to the services provided by B&NES, with some services being cut altogether and others being passed to parish or town councils or the community.
Speaking in the Cabinet meeting, Councillor Dine Romero (Southdown), Lib Dem Group Leader, commented:
“We are increasingly concerned that this Conservative cabinet, like the Conservative government, has lost its grip on what is important.
“In this budget we see reductions in spending on preventative services, services being cut across the whole council, and residents faced with a council that will soon only provide what is statutory.
“This Cabinet has wasted money on ill thought through schemes, such as the East of Bath park and ride project, or on unnecessary changes to library services, or on new – but not improved – waste collection schemes.
“The Conservative government does not value local government, and so refuses to properly fund local government; yet finds money for pet projects such Metro Mayors, HS2, the DUP and Brexit.
“Cabinet members should be actively pushing for funding from government to address the growing inequalities in Bath and North East Somerset. We should not be looking at reductions in children centre services, youth services, or library provision.
“It is clearly the fault of Conservatives, nationally and locally, that Council services are being stripped out, that staff are being cut in unprecedented numbers, and that the safety mat is being pulled away from more and more vulnerable people.”