Sunday, 5 November 2017

Another cut - no mobile ibrary for Odd Down

Will this picture be another history item as the Council makes even more cuts to the services received by residents in Odd Down.

Air Quality

The current focus on traffic congestion and installation of understanding air pollution is Bath is welcome.

However Odd Down seems to have been forgotten by the Tory run council.
Lib Dem activist Joel Hirst said “ It is really disappointing that Odd Down has not be included in the current study. I commute to work across Odd
Down every day and the traffic congestion on Frome Road and Wellsway is significant. “

Cllr Nigel Roberts said “we are going to request that the air pollution in our ward is also measure - if the Tory B&NES Council will not do this we will look how we can support the community to get the data”

New Bus Shelters in Odd Down

As part of Local Growth Fund the council will be shortly replacing some bus shelters on the 20A/C route within Odd Down. The bus shelters will be replaced with new shelters matching those installed elsewhere in Bath as part of the Bath Transport Package and in most locations will provide additional weather protection from the addition of small side panels.

These shelters are at the following locations:

·        Outside of the BCA towards Twerton

·        Somerdale View towards University of Bath

·        Somerdale View towards Twerton