Monday, 25 September 2017

Pot Holes

Local Lib Dems are concerned about the slow pace of rectifying the numerous pot holes across Odd Down and Kingsway. Please post pictures of the pot holes that concern you to our email address. We are going to make representation to Tory controlled council about these pot holes across our ward to get a higher priority on getting this resolved. 
Cllr. Steve Hedges said “for those of us who have to drive this pot holes are damaging our cars and bikes. We are making it a priority to report this pot holes to the council to get action to get them fixed.” We want the council to stop wasting money on pooly thought out big schemes and focus on the little things which would make a big difference to residents.”
Currently we are aware on pot holes in Odd Down and Kingsway. Please let us know where the ones which are causing you problems are.

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