Monday, 25 September 2017

Bus cuts in Odd Down

The council has made many cuts: libraries, art budget and the bus budget. This has affected the Kingsway and Odd Down buses to Ralph Allen school. A commercial service has been put into place, but this isn't adequate for the number of children that want to use the service.
We have been support local residents that have been asking the council why this had to happen, it must be better than adding to current school run issues that exist on Bath's roads. Children are potentially going to get stuck at school or not get to school. With all the heavy bags now carried by school children walking is not an option.
Residents in the Banwell Road area no longer have a bus, they must either use the Wellsway or the park and ride bus

We are calling on the council to re-instate the service, and if they have to make cuts to have a meaningful consultation about it rather the usual just do it and hope for the best.

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