Sunday, 25 June 2017

Extra Housing at Sulis Meadows submitted

Planning Applications Reference:17/02588/EFUL

Erection of 173 residential units, open space, allotments, green infrastructure, landscaping and associated works including provision of vehicular access from Combe Hay Lane.

This is an indicative plan, below, from the web site showing the phasing of the site. There are over a hundred files on the web site detailing the planning. There is supposed to be a master plan which is not obvious.  

As councillors we reluctantly supported the council's planning policy which was for around 300 houses.  There are so many documents we hope the council will allow long enough period of time to consider what is happening and net effect on existing residents. We need to understand how travelling around will occur with so much extra traffic

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Ralph Allen School Bus - being removed

We have been contacted by a number of concerned parents that the council is cutting the subsidised bus to Ralph Allen School from the Southdown area that goes through the Odd Down area. This leaves the 20A 20C as the main bus, with massively reduced capacity. How does this stop Bath Stalling ?

Seem a silly thing to do at the same time you are closing Culverhay (BCA) and sending pupil all around the city.

Another bad idea by this council.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Broken tree Somerdale Avenue

The tee has been reported to the council. We hope it will be sorted out shortly.