Wednesday, 25 February 2015

History about Odd Down playing Fields

Odd Down Playing Fields in running for UK award Bath North East Somerset Council is in the running to win £5,000 towards the development of Odd Down Playing Fields.

It follows an appeal by the Carnegie UK Trust to locate playing fields which they helped to pay for. Between 1927 and 1935 the Trust gave grants worth £200,000 – the equivalent of around £10 million today – to create nearly 900 playing fields across the UK. The money was given to local councils and community groups with the condition that the newly created playing fields were to be protected in perpetuity.

However, the precise location of these playing fields was not always recorded. After searching the archives, we discovered the then Bath Parks Committee was given £75 by the trust in 1929 to help establish the Odd Down Playing Fields.

The money was used to purchase changing huts to be used by local cricketers.The Council has sent information to the Trust and now has the chance of securing a £5,000 development prize, to be spent on the site.