Sunday, 5 October 2014

Steve Bradley Free School Meals for Junior Children - petition

All infants at B&NES primary schools will benefit from being provided with hot lunches - for free.

The Liberal Democrats in Government have made helping our children a priority. Free school lunches will make sure all children can get healthy, nutritious meals, and parents will save money.

We estimate that parents can spend around £430 a year on making packed lunches! Now, they can save that money.

Cllrs Nigel Roberts and Steve Hedges have worked hard to make sure that almost every primary school in B&NES is equipped to deliver the meals for this school year. This has made a difference in St. Philips, St. Martin Gardens and Southdown infants schools.

But Steve Bradley and Nigel and Steve want to do more. 

Join Steve's campaign to see parents of children in Year 3 to Year 6 get free lunches in school as well. Sign the petition to the Government below:

Steve is ambitious for Bath, for Bath's people, and in particular for Bath's children. This will help more of Bath's children get ahead.

"I want to see all children at my school in Year 3 to Year 6 get free hot school lunches as well as all children in Reception to Year 2. It saves parents money and helps our children. It's only fair."

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