Sunday, 17 August 2014

Keeping buying Bath Locally

We have received the following email from the council. If everyone buys locally the money stops in the local economy. 
Bath & North East Somerset Council is backing a Buy Local Buy Social purchasing initiative designed to boost the West of 
England economy. 
A newly-launched Buy Local Buy Social website – - aims to encourage innovative commissioning
and procurement.
It supports the Council’s “Think Local” Procurement Strategy and connects buying power with the local economy and social 
communities in the West of England.
The mini-website launch follows the successful 'Think Local' event in Bath held on 11 July at  Bath Guildhall. This brought 
together more than 120 organisations, including housing providers, 
local authorities, large and small contractors and social enterprises.
It will support the Buy Local Buy Social project and signpost organisations to the resources and contacts to support their work.

“Buy Local Buy Social is a partnership pilot project in the West of England supported by regional housing associations and 
local authorities and sponsored by Bath & North East Somerset 
The mini-website will also contain profiles of organisations committed to achieving social outcomes and signposts to 
funders and support.

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