Monday, 26 May 2014

Radway planning application - student housing Oolite Road update

The council office has considered the planning application for the old Radway Petrol station on Oolite Road/Wellsway. We are hoping this comes to the planning committee for decision.

Meeting First about buses in Bloomfield Drive

We are meeting with First on Friday 30th to talk about the problem buses are causing when they meet together in Bloomfield Drive.

Bus Shelter Bloomfield Drive

We have asked the council to add sides. They don't know how windy Odd Down can be !

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Corston View Mast

We have received this recently

127717 Police Mast Corston View, Odd Down, Bath, BA2 2PJ
Telefonica UK Limited has entered into an agreement with Vodafone Limited pursuant to which the two
companies plan to jointly operate and manage a single network grid across the UK. These arrangements
will be overseen by Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd (CTIL) which is a joint venture
company owned by Telefónica UK Limited and Vodafone Limited.
This agreement allows both organisations to:

pool their basic network infrastructure, while running two, independent, nationwide networks
maximise opportunities to consolidate the number of base stations
significantly reduce the environmental impact of network development
Telefonica UK Limited is in the process of upgrading an existing site located as mentioned above. The
purpose of this letter is to consult with you and seek your views on our proposal before proceeding with
the works. We understand that you are not always able to provide site specific comments, however,
Telefonica UK Limited is committed to consultation with communities for mobile telecommunications
proposals and as such would encourage you to respond.
As part of Vodafone’s continued network improvement program, there is a specific requirement for a
radio base station at this location to provide new 3G / 4G coverage in the area.
Mobiles can only work with a network of base stations in place where people want to use their mobile
phones or other wireless devices. Without base stations, the mobile phones and other devices we rely
on simply won’t work.Our technical network requirement is as follows:

To provide 3G / 4G coverage for this locality and area

The removal of the 6 existing O2 only antennae on the existing 15m police mast. The antennae
will be replaced with 9 antennae and 2 x 0.3m dishes for the shared use of O2 and Vodafone.
A number of options have been assessed in respect of the site search process and the preferred
Telefonica UK Limited option is as follows:

Existing site at 127717 Police Mast Corston View, Odd Down, Bath, BA2 2PJ
NGR: 373410, 162920
No alternative sites were considered as the site selected accords with all local plan policies and those
set out within the NPPF.
The Local Planning Authority mast register and our records of other potential sites have already been
reviewed, the policies in the Development Plan have been taken into account and the planning history of
the site has been examined.
All Telefonica UK Limited installations are designed to be fully compliant with the public exposure
guidelines established by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).
These guidelines have the support of UK Government, the European Union and they also have the