Sunday, 20 April 2014

Steps Fosse Gardens to Ridge Green close refurbish

The steps between Fosse Gardens and Ridge Green Close are to be refurbished around the 12th May and will be closed periodically.

Corston View Play Area

We welcome the council statement that Corston View Play area is to be upgraded, including a new bin asked for by residents

"Corston View, Bath; major refurbishment with several new pieces of play equipment chosen to broaden the activity range and age range appeal of the site;"

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Wifi on First buses

Around 40 vehicles in Bath – in addition to those operating on the university services and the park and ride – have also been fitted. 

WiFi is provided for free. It is dependent on signal strength: it only works where a 3G signal can be detected.
Customers wishing to log on to the free on-board WiFi should ask their devices to search for available WiFi networks and select the one called "first wifi".  This will then take users to the log in page. They will then need to register the first time they use it, but thereafter will be able to log in automatically the next time they travel on the buses.

Will be interesting if this applies to the 14, some of the buses are old  !