Sunday, 8 December 2013

Radway planning application to planning committee

We have asked that this application be considered by the planning committee. It will be up to the chair of the committee to decide whether this is allowed. 

We would like Reference:13/04683/FUL to be considered by committee if recommended for approval, although there are some changes which are welcome, such as, moving the building a little further away from 480 Wellsway.

I feel that there are two issues that should mean that the application should go to committee.

  1. The area is not easily served by sustainable transport, although there is provision for cycling there are no dedicated cycle routes in the area. The 20A/C bus is heavily subsidised by the council and has no guarantee that it will continue into the future. With that car traffic maybe increased substantially by the development with limited control.
  2. The building although well designed is three storey high, which means it is not in keeping with the existing street-scape.

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