Friday, 27 December 2013

Bus changes number 2 Kingsway to Ensleigh

Withdrawn between Bath Bus Station and Kingsway and re-routed to Riverside to replaceService 4. Reduced to an hourly service on Mondays to Saturdays (not evenings). For
replacement service to Kingsway, see 4. For replacement service along Lansdown Road
during evenings and on Sundays & Public Holiday see 31

Recycling at Christmas

Christmas recycling tips

  • Recycle any broken or unwanted small electrical items, such as toasters or hair dryers, using the small electrical collection we introduced last February. Put them in an untied carrier bag next to your green box on your collection day;

  • Recycle your Christmas tree. Throughout January the Council will collect your real Christmas tree for free on your fortnightly garden waste collection day. Remember to cut-up if taller than 1.2 metres so it can fit in our vehicles;

  • Recycle your greetings cards, wrapping paper and gift tags in your green box;

  • Recycle your food waste, including bones, peelings, tea bags and egg shells. Make sure you use your food waste recycling collection for all food waste, so that we can recycle it into compost;

  • Love Food, Hate Waste by buying the right amount of food you need and making sure your festive food gets eaten. The advent calendar offers all sorts of exciting suggestions.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Clarks Care home Planning to Committee

We would like this application to come to committee if recommended for approval.

Currently there is huge overspill car parking from the existing office blocks. We are concerned that this development has not provided enough parking for the operation of the home, staff and visitors. There should be a contribution towards the bus services such as the 42 or 20a/C both being council subsidised services, and their future is not guaranteed.

Secondly this is a prominent hill side the office block landscaping has not been successful in hiding the building from the surrounding valley. We are not convinced that this has been successfully shown within these plans

Radway planning application to planning committee

We have asked that this application be considered by the planning committee. It will be up to the chair of the committee to decide whether this is allowed. 

We would like Reference:13/04683/FUL to be considered by committee if recommended for approval, although there are some changes which are welcome, such as, moving the building a little further away from 480 Wellsway.

I feel that there are two issues that should mean that the application should go to committee.

  1. The area is not easily served by sustainable transport, although there is provision for cycling there are no dedicated cycle routes in the area. The 20A/C bus is heavily subsidised by the council and has no guarantee that it will continue into the future. With that car traffic maybe increased substantially by the development with limited control.
  2. The building although well designed is three storey high, which means it is not in keeping with the existing street-scape.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bus signs in Bloomfield Road

The council has agreed to removing the bus signs in Bloomfield Road. The council had been trying to get the bus company to run a service along Bloomfield Road, it would have served the Odd Down cycle track, but with no success. We have seen a number of people waiting for a bus at the stops.

We hope that eventually the bus company will see sense and have buses run along Bloomfield Road as we know a number of residents there would benefit.

Sign for Odd Down a football Club - Combe Hay Lane

We have asked for the sign directing traffic to Odd Down  football club removed from the Wellsway now that Combe Hay Lane is blocked outside St Gregory's