Sunday, 29 September 2013

Potholes in Bloomfield Drive reported to the council

We have reported a number of potholes in Bloomfield Drive to the Council, including the potholes at the Junction of Bloomfield Drive and Corston View which is causing a big bang every time a bus goes ove.

Houses in Multiple Occupancy's in Clark's Estate

The council has changed the planning rules via an article 4 direction that has meant all houses in multiple occupancy (HMO's) need planning permission in Bath.

This was done to ensure that areas had mixed tenure, that not all house were HMO's

There have now been three planning applications for conversion in HMO's on the Clark's estate, residents have been asking us what is going on.

 There is a map in the council HMO Supplementary Planning document (SPD) map available here:<> - these properties are not within a 25% HMO area so the council would be minded to approve the application dependent on other planning considerations.

This area has fewer than 10% HMOs so it is well below the 25% threshold. Various maps can be seen in the Stakeholder Workshop report Appendices:

The council will be updating its data on 1st Dec and then every 6 months after that so it will be possible to monitor the situation.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Support Three Ways school

Three ways are up for a Lloyds Bank Community Award and need your vote to win 
£3000 towards a set of sports wheelchairs.
You can vote by text and online and in branch so if you have time please help  by
doing all 3 and spread the word. 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday, 8 September 2013

oolite Road pavements

Following a request from a resident we have contacted the council about the state of Oolite Road's pavements, and when they are due to be resurfaced

BMX event - 22nd September

There is an event 22nd September at the BMX track on the tumps. In memory of Mark Coppin

Southdown labour Club - now office ?

There has been an application for change of use from Labour Club (D2) to Office (B1) planning reference:13/03555/FUL

This looks like a good plan, keeping local businesses and staff. Let us know what you think ?