Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Loss of the 14a

As of the 24th March the 14a will stop as First moves to a completely commercial service unsubsidised by the Council.

We know that lots of residents in Bloomfield Road use this service, and will be unhappy with it going , as well as forcing more buses down Bloomfield Drive when there are more cars present.

We are trying to find out what can be done to review this decision.

Christmas market and coach parking at Odd Down playing fields - No thanks

We are asking this question at the Council's cabinet meeting  
Coach parking at Odd Down playing fields has cause a number of issues for those that live locally with traffic not following the correct routes through narrow streets, with the new cycle facility and potentially a 4G pitch, please could there be an assurance that the car park will not be used for parking this year

Monday, 4 March 2013

Council votes for housing in Odd Down

The council has voted for housing at Odd Down. We are very disappointed that the council has decided to build on these green fields.

The next stage is that these views are sent to the Governments planning inspector when the core strategy review continues, probably at some point in June 2013. We will be asking the inspector to uphold the governments own planning rules contained in the national planning policy framework.

We will be letting residents in the area know how they object to these plans.

Recycling centres will need permits

We have received this information from councillor officers

Scheme overview
From 2 April 2013 residents will need an electronic Recycling Centre Resident’s Permit to use any of the Recycling Centres in Bath & North East Somerset.
The permit is not something physical that residents will have to carry with them – it is an electronic authorisation based on a vehicle license plate.
Registration is free and for residents of Bath and North East Somerset only. Once authorised, vehicle license plates will be recognised electronically on entry into our centres and prove automatically that the driver is a resident. Resident’s Permit will last for three years.
There will be no need to apply for a permit if a resident already has a:
Van Permit and are using this vehicle to visit the centre or;
a resident’s Discovery Card and show this on site (this allows free or discounted admission to various museums and other heritage sites in Bath and North East Somerset)
Why are we introducing Resident’s Permits?

We are keen to introduce a system which does not unnecessarily inconvenience our residents, but ensures that we are no longer subsidising the disposal of waste from households located outside of Bath & North East Somerset.

This new permit should make it fairer for all. As well as helping us save costs, we hope that this will also reduce queuing times at the centres. Our neighbouring authorities have already introduced similar schemes.

The staff will continue to use their discretion to allow residents to use the sites whilst providing leaflets on how to register for future visits. We want to ensure the sites remain accessible to our residents and that they are offered a high level of customer service.

There will be no enforcement of the scheme throughout April to allow greater awareness of the new permits. We are keen however to start advertising the fact that the Recycling Centres are for residents only as soon as possible to discourage non-residents from using the sites.