Friday, 27 December 2013

Bus changes number 2 Kingsway to Ensleigh

Withdrawn between Bath Bus Station and Kingsway and re-routed to Riverside to replaceService 4. Reduced to an hourly service on Mondays to Saturdays (not evenings). For
replacement service to Kingsway, see 4. For replacement service along Lansdown Road
during evenings and on Sundays & Public Holiday see 31

Recycling at Christmas

Christmas recycling tips

  • Recycle any broken or unwanted small electrical items, such as toasters or hair dryers, using the small electrical collection we introduced last February. Put them in an untied carrier bag next to your green box on your collection day;

  • Recycle your Christmas tree. Throughout January the Council will collect your real Christmas tree for free on your fortnightly garden waste collection day. Remember to cut-up if taller than 1.2 metres so it can fit in our vehicles;

  • Recycle your greetings cards, wrapping paper and gift tags in your green box;

  • Recycle your food waste, including bones, peelings, tea bags and egg shells. Make sure you use your food waste recycling collection for all food waste, so that we can recycle it into compost;

  • Love Food, Hate Waste by buying the right amount of food you need and making sure your festive food gets eaten. The advent calendar offers all sorts of exciting suggestions.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Clarks Care home Planning to Committee

We would like this application to come to committee if recommended for approval.

Currently there is huge overspill car parking from the existing office blocks. We are concerned that this development has not provided enough parking for the operation of the home, staff and visitors. There should be a contribution towards the bus services such as the 42 or 20a/C both being council subsidised services, and their future is not guaranteed.

Secondly this is a prominent hill side the office block landscaping has not been successful in hiding the building from the surrounding valley. We are not convinced that this has been successfully shown within these plans

Radway planning application to planning committee

We have asked that this application be considered by the planning committee. It will be up to the chair of the committee to decide whether this is allowed. 

We would like Reference:13/04683/FUL to be considered by committee if recommended for approval, although there are some changes which are welcome, such as, moving the building a little further away from 480 Wellsway.

I feel that there are two issues that should mean that the application should go to committee.

  1. The area is not easily served by sustainable transport, although there is provision for cycling there are no dedicated cycle routes in the area. The 20A/C bus is heavily subsidised by the council and has no guarantee that it will continue into the future. With that car traffic maybe increased substantially by the development with limited control.
  2. The building although well designed is three storey high, which means it is not in keeping with the existing street-scape.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bus signs in Bloomfield Road

The council has agreed to removing the bus signs in Bloomfield Road. The council had been trying to get the bus company to run a service along Bloomfield Road, it would have served the Odd Down cycle track, but with no success. We have seen a number of people waiting for a bus at the stops.

We hope that eventually the bus company will see sense and have buses run along Bloomfield Road as we know a number of residents there would benefit.

Sign for Odd Down a football Club - Combe Hay Lane

We have asked for the sign directing traffic to Odd Down  football club removed from the Wellsway now that Combe Hay Lane is blocked outside St Gregory's

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Core strategy - building at Southstoke

This is the letter we have sent to the Bath Chronicle - for further information this will give you information on how to write in either in support or against

For further information about objections

It is disappointing the council is carrying out a yet another consultation with regard to building on the Southstoke plateau. This time the council is designating the overall plan for 300 houses. This process was supposed to take a year and involve the community, now it is to be done in two weeks without any say from anyone. By rushing such an important plan, it is a wonder how many mistakes will be made, and how many residents lives will be ruined unnecessarily.
Let's get something clear from the beginning there is no argument over the need for housing, there is a need for the 12,700 houses that the plan allows for over the next 15 years. However, it seems wrong to us that the reason this is being rushed is due to green fields that are easy to build upon.

What is worse is there is an alternative, The MOD sites will not be developed and western riverside also will not have its extra phases. The density of housing on these sites are due to be 35 per hectare, Sulis Meadows next to the Southstoke plateau is 45, Oldfield Park is 90 and the old historic part of Bath is 120 per hectare. A small increase in density on the empty brownfield sites of only 10% would mean that there is no need for development on the green fields at Southstoke or Weston.

Overall, there are few winners in this plan, maybe a few house builders if they decide to build. There are already building permissions for 500 houses in B&NES  that have not been started,  but to us it seems to be that the builders win, and everyone else loses.

Odd Down playing fields - planning application

In a busy time for planning the application for the 3G all weather pitch has been received by the council.


Write to

Lewis House Manvers St
BA1 1JG 

Type of Application:Regulation 3 Application
Status:Pending Consideration
Address of Proposal:Odd Down Playing Field, Bloomfield Road, Bloomfield, Bath,
Proposal:Provision of an artificial grass pitch bordered by 4.5m high steel mesh fencing and provision of sports lighting.
Planning Portal Reference Number:PP-02983379
Applicant Name:Bath & North East Somerset Councl
Agent Name:Property Services (Bath & NE Somerset Council)
Agent Address:Bath And North East Somerset Council, Northgate House, Upper Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1RG
Case Officer Name:Chris Griggs-Trevarthen

Clarks resident home application

The application has now been received


Please let us know what you think

Type of Application:Full Application
Status:Pending Consideration
Address of Proposal:Crescent Office Park, Clarks Way, Odd Down, Bath,
Ward:Odd Down
Proposal:Erection of Class C2 residential care home facility with associated car parking and servicing.
Planning Portal Reference Number:PP-02882017
Applicant Name:Kenwright Developments Limited
Agent Name:DPP
Agent Address:Sophia House, 28 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9LJ
Case Officer Name:Jonathan Fletcher

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Odd Down PACT meeting 29th October

Advance notice, that the Odd Down PACT meeting will be the 29th October. This will be the last meeting. After this the police will be attending the Councillor’s surgery at St. Philips Church on Frome Road on Saturday's

Clark's care home news

We have been contacted by the developers for the site. It is anticipated that a full application will be made shortly. We will post details when we have it. We are aware of issues to do with car parking, but if there are any issues you would like raising, please contact us.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Southdown Infants and Juniors

We have revived this consultation responses are by 14th November
Southdown Community Infant School and Southdown Junior School propose forming a federation.  As most of our pupils live in the Odd Down, Oldfield, Southdown, Twerton and Westmoreland wards of Bath, we attach a copy of our consultation document as part of our effort to reach our wider community.

If any of you wish to promote the consultation further through your own blogs, websites or Twitter, then the PDF is also available for anyone to download from

Swapping places cyclists and bus drivers - Odd Down playing fields

At Odd Down playing fields on Saturday there was a swap event putting cyclists in the bus drivers seat and bus drivers on bicycles.

Cyclists can appreciate that drivers have a big blind spot on their left, don't undertake a bus on the left was the message.

Thank you to First for organising the event, and for the one of the cyclists Aileen from the cycle forum for getting it off the ground.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Potholes in Bloomfield Drive reported to the council

We have reported a number of potholes in Bloomfield Drive to the Council, including the potholes at the Junction of Bloomfield Drive and Corston View which is causing a big bang every time a bus goes ove.

Houses in Multiple Occupancy's in Clark's Estate

The council has changed the planning rules via an article 4 direction that has meant all houses in multiple occupancy (HMO's) need planning permission in Bath.

This was done to ensure that areas had mixed tenure, that not all house were HMO's

There have now been three planning applications for conversion in HMO's on the Clark's estate, residents have been asking us what is going on.

 There is a map in the council HMO Supplementary Planning document (SPD) map available here:<> - these properties are not within a 25% HMO area so the council would be minded to approve the application dependent on other planning considerations.

This area has fewer than 10% HMOs so it is well below the 25% threshold. Various maps can be seen in the Stakeholder Workshop report Appendices:

The council will be updating its data on 1st Dec and then every 6 months after that so it will be possible to monitor the situation.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Support Three Ways school

Three ways are up for a Lloyds Bank Community Award and need your vote to win 
£3000 towards a set of sports wheelchairs.
You can vote by text and online and in branch so if you have time please help  by
doing all 3 and spread the word. 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday, 8 September 2013

oolite Road pavements

Following a request from a resident we have contacted the council about the state of Oolite Road's pavements, and when they are due to be resurfaced

BMX event - 22nd September

There is an event 22nd September at the BMX track on the tumps. In memory of Mark Coppin

Southdown labour Club - now office ?

There has been an application for change of use from Labour Club (D2) to Office (B1) planning reference:13/03555/FUL

This looks like a good plan, keeping local businesses and staff. Let us know what you think ?

Monday, 26 August 2013

Rush Hill - resurfacing some to finish off

We are pleased that Rush Hill has been resurfaced, but there is an areas that is unfinished near the old Rose and Laurel Pub, this has been reported to the council.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

St Gregorys school - Combe Hay Lane

With the works at St. Gregory's school that the Combe Hay Lane was closed off to traffic.A hammerhead was created to allow refuse lorries to turn, but currently they don't use it.

Several residents have raised the issue of parents using it to drop off their children and then trying to turn right on to the Wellsway. We will be raising this with the council and St. Gregory's

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday, 11 August 2013

HMO applications

There are now two applications for conversion to HMO's in the Clark's estate in Odd Down

14 Breachwood View, Odd Down, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 2TX Reference:13/03107/FUL

7 Middlewood Close, Odd Down, Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, BA2 2TU Reference:13/03108/FUL

It is worrying that this happening on the estate as it would potentially alter the environment for everyone, those currently living there and those living in HMO's. It is best when there is a mixed tenure. We will be speaking to the Executive Councillor for planning about these developments.

If you want to comment
Lewis House, Manvers St, Bath BA1 1JG
01225 39 40 41

Radway Garage Update

There has been an application to demolish the garage and house next door


Type of Application:Demolition Notification
Status:Prior Approval Required
Address of Proposal:Radway Service Station, 482 Wellsway, Bath, BA2 2UB
Ward:Odd Down
Proposal:Demolition of service station at 482 Wellsway Road and the adjacent house: No. 2 Oolite Road including all outbuildings

If you want to comment
Lewis House, Manvers St, Bath BA1 1JG
01225 39 40 41

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Campaign to Save the land around SuliS Meadows continues

South of Bath Alliance has a web site this will contain information about the campaign.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Speed count on the Wellsway near Old Fosse Road

We have asked for a speed count to be done on the Wellsway near Old Fosse Road, there is a crossing nearby to St. Gregory's. It has always been an area that has caused concern

Bus Shelter Ambleside Road

The council can confirm that is their intention to install a bus shelter at terminus on Ambleside Road, however at the moment they are having difficulties in coming up with an engineering design to allow raised bus kerbs to be installed at this stop as well as shelter due to the narrow road width and small layby.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Cycle circuit formally opened

The Cycle circuit formally opened is now formally opened. We had a good day. Dani King was a nice lady and such an athlete.

Odd Down Playing fields - plans for next stage

Monday 22 July 3.30 pm to 6 pm at the Odd Down Community Centre, Odins Road, Bath

This consultation will take the form of a drop-in session, whereby residents can come into the Centre, view the plans and discuss with council officers any issues or concerns they may have. 
The formal planning event will take place later. This is the opportunity to see the plans before they are submitted.  

Radway Garage - Planning withdrwan

This application has been withdrawn. In the letter the agent says.

In any event we will be looking to resubmit on the basis of the reduced footprint proposals.


Empty house to be brough back into use - Burnt House Cottages

6 Burnt House Cottages, Old Fosse Road, Odd Down

Erection of 4no. terraced 3 bed dwellings with associated amenity space following the demolition of 6 and 7 Burnt House Cottages (Resubmission)

If you want to write or email

Lewis House Manvers St

We feel this has gone on too long and should be brought back into use


Sunday, 7 July 2013

Combe Hay Lane - to be closed permanently

The council is about to close Combe Hay Lane in the middle opposite St. Gregory's main building. As part of these proposals there will be no left turn into Sulis Manor Road.

We support this proposal as it will stop cars coming out on to the Wellsway and turning right, and those few people that have used as a rat run going the wrong way down Combe Hay Lane. 

Yellow Lines at Bloomfield Drive - to be done shortly

As an update we have received this email from the council. I have checked the Index which lists all Traffic Orders for Double Yellow Line markings around B&NES. There was an order for Double Yellow Line markings to be placed around the junction of Bloomfield Drive and Frome Road in mid-2011. For some reason these markings have never been painted on site. I have therefore arranged with Atkins our lining contractors to paint these markings on the highway. Please allow for between 4 - 6 weeks for this work to be carried out. If they have not appeared by the end of this time period, please let me know so I can chase the matter.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Burnt House Cottages finally something happening

6 Burnt House Cottages Old Fosse Road Odd Down Bath Bath And North East Somerset. Erection of 4no. terraced 3 bed dwellings with associated amenity space following the demolition of 6 and 7 Burnt House Cottages (Resubmission) If you want to comment 13/02592/FUL

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Yellow lines Bloomfield Drive Frome Road

We are having up what is happening with the yellow lines at Bloomfield Drive and Frome Road, these have been promised for a while.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Rush Hill - zebra crossing

The cross is to have its signage improved to alter traffic better to the presence of the crossing.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Frequently asked Questions about 300 houses at South Stoke

We felt it would be useful to put up a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding our position on building on the greenfields around Bath. This will be updated as questions arise.

Of course this is NIMBYism

No, the council is proposing to build 12,700 houses, this is something we support. There is evidence to show that over 3,000 social houses are required. To build these we need to build the 12,700 houses.

There is an alternative to Weston and South Stoke, that is to increase the density of housing building on the existing brownfield sites.  In Bath there is a proposal to build 6,600 houses, of which 600 are to be built at Odd Down and Weston. The density of build is around 35/40 per hectare. Oldfield Park is 90 per hectare, so increasing the density is not unachievable. For information Georgian Bath is 120 houses per hectare. This issue is the level that current developers would accept, we feel that they should have to accept the higher level.

This is is AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) this designation, which is the highest in planning terms, means something then . National guidance, NPPF, paragraph 116 says

Planning permission should be refused for major developments in these
designated areas except in exceptional circumstances and where it can be
demonstrated they are in the public interest. Consideration of such
applications should include an assessment of:

● the need for the development, including in terms of any national considerations, and the impact of permitting it, or refusing it, upon the local economy;
● the cost of, and scope for, developing elsewhere outside the designated area, or meeting the need for it in some other way; and
● any detrimental effect on the environment, the landscape and recreational
opportunities, and the extent to which that could be moderated.

What happens next

The council's plans goes to a government inspector at a public meeting. Only selected people will be called to speak, if as part of the earlier consultation you asked to speak. This is expected in July 2013.

The inspectors report will then go to government. The options for the inspector are to remove the allocation, completely, to decrease it, leave it as it is or increase it.

After going to government the report will be considered by the council, expected April 2014. This will be a yes or no decision. Accept or not.

As this is a fifteen year plan then there will be a five year review. This would offer an opportunity to remove the allocation then. If it could be shown there was no need for the allocation.

The petition if you wish to sign it is at:

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Online petition to oppose building at Odd Down

A local action group has started a petition to oppose any building on the Odd Down plateau.

Your chance to make Eric Pickles (Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government) and our MPs Don Foster and Jacob Rees-Mogg aware of our opposition to the 300-home development on South Stoke plateau.

Please share with friends, family and neighbours

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Consultation Meeting over the 300 Houses in the Odd Down area.

A resident group has been formed to fight the proposals for the core strategy in the Odd Down area, there first public meeting will be on 14th June at St. Gregory’s at 7pm. Come along to find out what can be done, we will be there.

Oolite Grove - verges and roundabout

We noticed that the grass in Oolite Grove was looking very long. After asking the council we were told that this was to be cut back next week.

Pathway from Rush Hill to Ambleside Road

This is pathway is starting to look overgrown, we have asked this to be cut back.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Pathway in Ambleside Road

In parts the pathway has weeds growing through the path, we have asked the council to repair this stretch.

Bollards bashed, Oolite Road

The bollards at both end of Oolite Road, the junctions with the Wellsway and with Upper Bloomfield Road have been bashed. We have reported both to the council to be repaired.

Sign at Lodge Gardens

This sign has been reported to the council to be repaired

Saturday, 25 May 2013

35 student rooms at Radway petrol station - too many ?

This planning application is 13/01920/FUL Radway Service Station 482 Wellsway Bath BA2 2UB

We feel that this should be refused as this is over development of the site, 35 students houses represents an increase over the current 4 flats that have been allowed.

The area has an issue with traffic, although I am sure that the applicant will say that the students will not have cars this is unrealistic considering the area doesn't sit on a direct bus route to either university.

The development of two storeys is out of keeping with the rest of the area and will affect the amenity of the two houses next to the development.

Unfortunately that it is a petrol station is not important in planning terms. Although if this petrol station goes Bath will be left with only 4.

If you want to give your views, please contact Planning Services PO BOX 5006, Bath, BA1 1JG Tel: (01225)477000   Fax: (01225) 394199

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Culverhay Sports Centre

Bath Community Academy has issued this note, see below. We are working with the executive councillor for Leisure to try and ensure that the sports centre remains open to the public.

The current arrangements between Aquaterra and Bath and North East Somerset council relating to the management of the Culverhay Sports Centre will end on 3Oth June 2013. The subsidy that has been provided by BANES throughout the duration of that arrangement is no longer available to the Cabot Learning Federation (CLF). 

In light of this change in situation, the CLF and Bath Community Academy have worked hard to find a solution that enables these facilities to remain open to the public. The funding that the CLF and Bath Community Academy receives from central government is intended for the sole purpose of educating the students who attend the academy and we are not in a position where we can allocate this source of revenue to the maintenance of a sports centre provision. The CLF and the Academy will continue to work with BANES to pursue opportunities to appoint an external operator to provide this service in the future if it can be demonstrated to be financially viable, however as we are not able to facilitate an interim arrangement this will mean the facilities, whilst remaining open to the academy for student use during the day, will be closed to the public from 1st July

Monday, 6 May 2013

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Core Strategy response

It is long but there are a lot of things that need to be said

I wish to object to the land being allocated in the core strategy for Odd Down and Weston,

SPC6 (Broad Locations) object to allocation for the sites at Weston and Odd Down for the following reasons, which are expanded on later:

  • Their allocation doesn't fit NPPF guidance on allocation of land in the AONB
  • The sites are urban sprawl and against green belt policy
  • Neither site is sustainable as employment would be in the city centre not on the outskirts.
  • There is no need, by increasing the housing density on the brownfield sites the need for greenfield development would be removed.
  • In the case of Odd Down would damage the setting of the Wansdyke
  • Co-coalescence of Bath and Southstoke may occur.
  • For Weston this site is visual from a number of locations in Bath and would damage the world heritage setting of the City.

SPC14 (Need for Greenfield sites) I object to the this paragraph as I believe that increasing the density of housing on the brownfield sites would remove the necessity of building on the greenfield sites. Council's assessment has shown to sustain the number of houses required for job creation that only 10,000 hours would be required, this would exclude the greenfield sites

SP15 (economic growth) The council rightly says that economic growth will be directed along Western Corridor, but then allocates land at the edge of Bath, these areas being the worst possible possible in terms of sustainability in already transport poor areas. A petition is being collected against the cost of First's bus fares, the monopoly supplier of bus services in Bath, meaning it is likely that the developments will be car based. This could have been alleviated by increasing the density of housing in the surrounding areas.

SPC19 (Green Belt boundaries) Green Belt requirement is defined in NPPF as “The fundamental
aim of Green Belt policy is to prevent urban sprawl by keeping land permanently open;” The allocations at Odd Down and Weston will be fundamentally opposed to this principal. The land allocated will create urban sprawl, although the core strategy document talks about small scale local employment, there are limited examples within Bath of this occurring. In reality this will just provide housing, with employment being outside of Bath or as the council indicates with the river corridor. It would mean that the current urban areas will be expanded.

SPC24 (Green Belt boundaries ) Same as SPC19

SPC31 ( Green Belt boundaries) Same as SPC19

SPC47 ( Green Belt boundaries) Same as SPC19

SPC54 housing at Odd Down and Weston See SPC 88 and SPC89 comments

SPC78 (Outer areas contributing) Same as SPC19

SPC87 General Same as SPC19

SPC88 (Odd Down) NPPF states “Planning permission should be refused for major developments in these designated areas except in exceptional circumstances and where it can be demonstrated they are in the public interest.” The council is proposing that 12700 houses should be built in the plan period, for Odd Down this represents 2% of the housing proposed, combined with Weston this totals 4%. Overall the level of error of a plan that is 15 years long could not justify the allocation of this site being in the public interest.

The paragraph goes on to say the need for the development, including in terms of any national considerations, and the impact of permitting it, or refusing it, upon the local economy; Evidence from the Council shows that there is only a need for 10,000 houses if only the need for jobs is considered in looking at housing number requirement.

Further paragraphs say “the cost of, and scope for, developing elsewhere outside the designated area, or meeting the need for it in some other way; and” This could be met by increasing the density of housing within other brownfield sites, and therefore the allocation should not go ahead.

The proposals don't fit within the final sentence in this paragraph any detrimental effect on the environment, the landscape and recreational opportunities, and the extent to which that could be moderated. There are a number of footpaths to

Protection of the Wansdyke should be an important consideration, even though a large stretch is within the council's ownership, a management plan has not been developed, destruct has taken place when the council built Threeways school. These proposals will not enhance the setting of the Wansdyke, with the potential for creating urban development both sides of the Wansdyke.

The village of Southstoke is quite different in character to the surrounding areas, with a lot of the housing built in a different style and from a different time to surround Bath areas to create a co-coalescence of Southstoke with Bath would not be desirable. Currently the village is separated by only 500 meters, to reduce this distance would effectively make Bath and Southstoke one urban entity.

One of the settings of the AONB around Bath is the escarpment at Odd Down, which is viewable for many miles around if building occurs on the plateau there is a distinct possibility that light pollution will be seen from miles fundamentally altering the character of the AONB in this area.

SPC89 (Weston) A lot of the objections to Odd Down apply to Weston, as defined by NPPF guidance on building on the AONB.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Loss of the 14a

As of the 24th March the 14a will stop as First moves to a completely commercial service unsubsidised by the Council.

We know that lots of residents in Bloomfield Road use this service, and will be unhappy with it going , as well as forcing more buses down Bloomfield Drive when there are more cars present.

We are trying to find out what can be done to review this decision.

Christmas market and coach parking at Odd Down playing fields - No thanks

We are asking this question at the Council's cabinet meeting  
Coach parking at Odd Down playing fields has cause a number of issues for those that live locally with traffic not following the correct routes through narrow streets, with the new cycle facility and potentially a 4G pitch, please could there be an assurance that the car park will not be used for parking this year

Monday, 4 March 2013

Council votes for housing in Odd Down

The council has voted for housing at Odd Down. We are very disappointed that the council has decided to build on these green fields.

The next stage is that these views are sent to the Governments planning inspector when the core strategy review continues, probably at some point in June 2013. We will be asking the inspector to uphold the governments own planning rules contained in the national planning policy framework.

We will be letting residents in the area know how they object to these plans.

Recycling centres will need permits

We have received this information from councillor officers

Scheme overview
From 2 April 2013 residents will need an electronic Recycling Centre Resident’s Permit to use any of the Recycling Centres in Bath & North East Somerset.
The permit is not something physical that residents will have to carry with them – it is an electronic authorisation based on a vehicle license plate.
Registration is free and for residents of Bath and North East Somerset only. Once authorised, vehicle license plates will be recognised electronically on entry into our centres and prove automatically that the driver is a resident. Resident’s Permit will last for three years.
There will be no need to apply for a permit if a resident already has a:
Van Permit and are using this vehicle to visit the centre or;
a resident’s Discovery Card and show this on site (this allows free or discounted admission to various museums and other heritage sites in Bath and North East Somerset)
Why are we introducing Resident’s Permits?

We are keen to introduce a system which does not unnecessarily inconvenience our residents, but ensures that we are no longer subsidising the disposal of waste from households located outside of Bath & North East Somerset.

This new permit should make it fairer for all. As well as helping us save costs, we hope that this will also reduce queuing times at the centres. Our neighbouring authorities have already introduced similar schemes.

The staff will continue to use their discretion to allow residents to use the sites whilst providing leaflets on how to register for future visits. We want to ensure the sites remain accessible to our residents and that they are offered a high level of customer service.

There will be no enforcement of the scheme throughout April to allow greater awareness of the new permits. We are keen however to start advertising the fact that the Recycling Centres are for residents only as soon as possible to discourage non-residents from using the sites.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

300 houses for green fields around Sulis Meadows

The council has to produce a land plan for the development in Bath and North East Somerset. As part of that plan the council is proposing to build 300 houses in the fields around Sulis Meadows.

The decision to where exactly they will go will be decided later, this plan is only identifying the rough area.   This is to be decided at a meeting on the 4th March.  As local councillors we do not feel that is a good idea.
1.The area has been designated as Green Belt and as an area of outstanding natural beauty, and as such is protected under national guidance.
2.It also could mean that Southstoke is linked to Bath
3.That the Wansdyke an ancient schedule monument is not protected.
4. Transport links in Odd Down are not good

For those reasons we feel that the council shouldn't put this land up for housing. If you want to object please contact the lead councillors on the council.

Paul Crossley
John Bull
Francine Haeberling
Douglas Deacon

 If you would like further information, please contact us

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Street lighting Wellsway

We have had a few questions about the new lighting. This is the council officers reply.

"All new schemes are designed to BS5489 this in turn references a European standard which gives a range of lighting categories. This is then divided in to two main groups' traffic routes and residential streets each are dealt with differently obviously the traffic routes receive higher levels of light.

Each locality is looked at on its merits and the traffic count data, accident data and crime statistics considered to inform the selection and level of light provided. "

The new lights are more energy efficient and cause less light pollution. If you have any issues please contact us.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Don Foster Surgery

Just a reminder Don is having a surgery in Odd Down 23rd February 10-11 at St. Philip's Church institute

Pot Hole Frome Road

The pot hole in Frome Road opposite St. Philip's School has been reported

Friday, 1 February 2013

New properties in Frome Road up for sale

A choice of two 2 bedroom first floor apartments (with allocated parking) in this brand new development of only 5 similar properties. Due to be completed in Autumn 2013.(Pair of 1 bedroom ground floor, garden apartments also available at £169,950).

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Cycle tracking is taking shape

The council has grant of £141,000 to support the facilities around the track. This is in addition to the £1.2 million from Sainsbury's planning application. We are hoping that the council starts the consultation on what this looks like shortly

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Recycling (2)

Black plastics - The council have never accepted these through the green box, but what appears to have been happening is that some of the crews have been taking it when it has mistakenly been put out, but it has been disposed of as contamination further down the line. 
The council have been working with the crews to stop them taking it in the first place, so some residents are thinking that we have changed our service - we haven't, we don't have a market for black plastics.  It can't be recycled. 
It constitutes a contaminant when it gets to the reprocesses and gets rejected there. 

Counci Recycling (1)

NEW small electrical recycling collection starts 18 February 2013
Starting 18 February, we will collect small unwanted or broken electrical items from the homes of residents, as part of our weekly green box recycling collection service.
This new collection will make it easier and more convenient for residents to recycle even more of their waste, and save on trips to their local Recycling Centre. This new collection is being funded by a central government capital grant.
We will collect any small electrical item that has a plug or uses batteries. The items must be able to fit into an average size plastic carrier bag.
Suitable items for collection include:
  • Bedside lamps (please remove light bulbs and shades), blenders, kettles, calculators, cameras, chargers, digi -boxes, electronic toothbrushes, electronic toys and games, hair straighteners, hi-fi equipment, irons, power tools, remote controls, shavers, telephones, toasters, torches and so on!
We can’t collect any large item such as:
  • No TVs and PC monitors, large printers, fridges and freezers, washing machines, cookers, microwave ovens, and lawn mowers. These can be recycled but are too big for this collection, so residents still need to take these to their local Recycling Centre instead. Alternatively, they can book a collection from the Council for a fee.
  • No fluorescent tubes and light bulbs
  • No items with leaking batteries or broken glass which could harm our crews.
The small electrical items must be put in an untied carrier bag next to the green recycling box on the usual weekly collection day by 7am. Residents can put out more than one carrier bag if necessary. They need to remove any batteries first and put these in a small plastic bag at the top of their green box as usual.
We ask residents not to forget to donate any working electricals in reusable condition to charity if possible.
All the items we collect will be crushed, separated into their different materials and recycled to make new products. It is a waste to throw these electrical items away because they can be recycled and made into new things using their valuable metals and plastics - one clothes iron can provide enough steel to make 13 new steel cans.

Issues of parking around St. Phillip's School

The issue of parking around St. Phillips School will be discussed with at the next PACT meeting on 23rd April.
The first speed hump outside around 26 Old Fosse Road is damaged, and has been reported to the Council.

Grate Ridge Green Close

The damaged grate outside in Ridge Green Close has been reported to the council. 

Bus Stop Frome Road - Outside United Reformed Church

We have reported the road along Frome Road outside of the United Reform Church, pedestrians along the road are getting wet from all of the pot holes. There are a couple of large pot holes causing the problem that need to be filled in. 

Planning applications 20th January 2013

Ward: Odd Down App Ref: 12/05619/CLEU

Registered: 24th December 2012 Expiry Date: 18th February 2013
Location: Somerset Trucks Red Lion Quarry Frome Road Odd Down Bath Bath And North East Somerset

Proposal: Use of workshop and yard for the repair, maintenance and parking of lorries, buses, vans and cars (B2) (Certificate of Lawfulness for an Existing Use)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Don Foster Surgery

We hope to have a Don Foster surgery in Odd Down shortly, looking at 23rd February