Friday, 30 November 2012

Bus consultation for the 14a

The council is carrying out a consultation 
Bath - Weston

To consider whether financial support should be provided to retain late evening journeys on service 14A that links Odd Down and Weston to Bath city centre.

Hard copies of the documents are also available; if these are required please contact Richard Smith on 01225 477604

Responses to the consultation are invited in writing.  Please send your comments electronically to, or alternatively please write to

Bus Services Consultation
B&NES Public Transport
Temple Street
BS31 1LA

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas tree festival - we will be there

St Philip & St James Church
Christmas Tree Festival
Saturday 8th December 2012
3pm 9pm

29th November, 2012

The exhibition will open with a festive programme on Saturday 8thDecember from 3pm to 9pm when the whole community areinvited to bring along friends and family to take in the sight ofdozens of illuminated Christmas trees and enjoy the celebrations.There will be seasonal refreshments and mulled beveragesa visit from Santa Claus, a live band and community Carols.
During the evening Christmas trees will be judged for WOW Factor’ and ‘Most Original’.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

New Bollards outside of the CO-OP Upper Bloomfield Road

There has been some concern from local residents about cars parking on the pavement in Upper Bloomfield Road. The council is to put in two bollards to stop this happening

Planning Application

Ward: Odd Down App Ref: 12/04714/FUL
Parish: N/A
Registered: 8th November 2012 Expiry Date: 3rd January 2013
Location: Red Lion Quarry Frome Road Odd Down Bath Bath And North East Somerset
Grid Ref: (E)373791 - (N)162247 LB Grade: N/A
Proposal: Replacement of extractor fan outlet (Retrospective).
Officer: Chris Griggs-Trevarthen
Applicant: Spray Tec Agent: SM Harris And Associates
1A Red Lion Quarry
Frome Road
Odd Down
Bath And North East Somerset

This is welcome, as we know this has caused a few issues

Friday, 23 November 2012

Households in Bath to retain weekly bin collections

Don Foster, Liberal Democrat MP for Bath has welcomed the news that 73,993 homes in Bath and North East Somerset will have their weekly waste and recycling services safeguarded thanks to a new scheme from the Coalition Government.

One of 85 Councils to benefit from the Weekly Collection Support Scheme, Bath and North East Somerset Council will receive £2,185, 082 to support weekly waste and recycling collections, reward environmental improvements in the community and increase recycling levels.

The £250 million fund was set up by the Department for Communities and Local Government to support comprehensive and cost effective weekly collections that harness innovation, use new technology and spread reward schemes to increase recycling.

Commenting, Don Foster who is also a Minister in the Department for Communities and Local Government said:

“Research shows that people value weekly rubbish collections and this funding will allow B&NES Council to maintain its excellent waste collection and recycling service.”

“That the full amount bid for has been granted is great news for Bath residents and a testimony to the quality of the bid that B&NES Council submitted.”

“Regular refuse and recycling collections play a vital role in keeping our city clean and this scheme will help ensure that Bath continues to be a great place to live and visit.”

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Tumps rubish Dumped

There has been an amount of rubbish dumped at the Tumps, it appears that some of it is legitimate, that it was agreed by the council, but the majority was illegal. We have spoken to the council about getting this dealt with as soon as possible.

Clarks - wrong development too big

We have sent the following email

I would ask that the application comes to committee if the application is recommended for approval:

That this land represents one of the few employment opportunities in Bath, with land being scarce. Placing a care home on the site is contrary to original application. The title of the land states it purpose "Crescent Office Park"

That the care home parking will spill on to exist roads that weren't designed for the purpose. Currently users of the current units are using the land for overspill parking. There is absence of a travel plan for the employees using the home. 
That the size of the development will be seen from a sensitive hill over looking the city as with the current crescent park buildings.

That the scale and size of the development will affect those trees with a TPO order upon them

Slow down sign in Old Fosse Road

A new speed awareness sign has been installed in Old Fosse Road, this sign can be altered from 30 mph to 20 mph when Old Fosse Road becomes part of the city wide 20 mph area.

Cllr Steve Hedges said " The traffic calming in Old Fosse Road has helped a bit, but not for all drivers, we hope this sign will help to slow traffic."  

Cllr Nigel Roberts added, " The sign can be turned around if we find that speeding is only happening one way." 

20 MPH rolls out to Kingsway and Bloomfield Drive areas.  

 A consultation is going on on whether Kingsway and the areas around Bloomfield Drive should become a 20 mph zone. Your Lib Dem councillors feel that not all traffic may obey the speed limits, but it is important that we identify these as residential areas , speed kills.    The consultation for Old Fosse Road and surrounding roads will take place next year.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Consultation on bus services

Bath & North East Somerset Council is consulting on the appropriate priorities for Bus Revenue Support funding for the 2013/14 financial year. 
The Council currently spends around £1 million per annum on supported bus services, but faces competing pressures for this funding if services are to be maintained or improved.
In 2013/14 additional costs would be incurred if the Council continues to upgrade services and wishes to maintain the half-hourly frequencies on two core bus service corridors in Bath. 
Analysis of the current provision of supported bus services has identified some that are not well-used, some that offer relatively poor value for money, and some for which there are alternatives on other bus or train services. Consideration has also been given to the opportunities for community transport providers to expand their flexible, demand-responsive services to provide alternatives for passengers. 
We are therefore consulting with representatives, parishes, and stakeholders to obtain their views on the specific service developments and potential changes to services before a final proposal is decided on by Cabinet in February 2013.  
We welcome responses from all residents, groups, and communities and parishes that may be affected by these changes. 
This consultation will close on Wednesday 12th December 2012

Houses in multiple occupancy consultation

We have received this from the council

The consultation on additional licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) is well underway and all the drop-in consultation events have been carried out.

So far we have received around 160 responses to the online consultation which is a good start – but we need to try and encourage more engagement and more people to respond.  The 3 main Wards affected are Oldfield, Westmoreland and Widcombe but small areas of other Wards are also included such as Twerton, Bathwick and Lyncombe.  The consultation also gives people the opportunity to tell us if the area proposed is correct or not and many people I have spoken to have questioned why the whole of Bath is not going to be covered – so this has the potential to affect many other Wards.  

A map of the proposed area is shown here.

The consultation is due to end on the 30th November so I request that you use the next 3 weeks to galvanise your residents and encourage further participation in the consultation.  If residents are keen for additional licensing to happen or have strong views on where and what it should cover then we really need to hear from them.

A copy of all the consultation documents is also available in Moorland Road Library and the One Stop Shop on Manvers Street.

Planning Policy

The consultation on the Article 4 Direction supplementary planning policy (SPD) is also underway and due to end on the same date.  To view the consultation and respond please visit

Best wishes,

Monday, 5 November 2012

Bus stop outside of United Reformed Church

We have asked the council to repair the timetable on the bus stop outside of United Reform Church in Frome Road.