Sunday, 23 September 2012

Recycling centre closed

Bath Recycling Centre at Midland Road will be closed for essential works for 8 weeks during October and November 2012.
We need to close Bath Recycling Centre  for essential works for approximately 8 weeks during October and November 2012. We will confirm the exact dates as soon as we can in the next few weeks and publicise these here and elsewhere. The works will be completed as quickly as possible and the site reopened as soon as it can.
We know that this closure will be inconvenient, the council advise people to us
  • Use our other two Recycling Centres at
Keynsham – Pixash Lane, BS31 1TP
Old Welton – Wheelers Hill, Midsomer Norton BA3 2AA
  • Use our kerbside green box, blue bag, food waste, garden waste and rubbish collection fully.
  • Use our recycling banks at
a.    Morrisons supermarket car park, London Road for (paper, cans, plastic household packaging, glass bottles and jars and food/drink cartons).
b.    Co-op supermarket cark park, Keynsham for (paper, cans, plastic household packaging, glass bottles and jars).
  • Store non urgent items until the Bath Recycling Centre reopens.

20mph proposals for part of Odd Down

This is for the areas around Bloomfield Drive, and Kingsway. The rest of Odd Down is due later as part of another part of this project.

We support this proposal as it will help slow down speeds in residential areas. We have been asked if it is a way of the police getting more money via fines. This is not the case, we would envisage that enforcement will only occur in extreme cases, where there is a high abuse.

If  you  would  like  to  know  more  about  the  20mph  speed    limit  proposals please get in touch using the contact details shown below:
Council Connect:01225 394041
Council website:

The roads included in this part of the programme are the residential roads within  the  boundary  shown  on  this  leaflet  plan.  A  20mph  limit  is  NOT proposed for the A367, A36, Rush Hill or Frome Road

Benefits from trials carried out in Portsmouth have shown that reducing the speed limit to 20mph has a direct positive impact on road safety and the local environment.

The 20mph limit does not involve the introduction of any physical calming measures such as speed humps. With residential support and awareness the limit will be self-enforcing.

Prominent 20mph speed limit signs will be sited  to show where the 20mph speed limit begins. “20” roundel signs will be installed at   regular intervals within the 20mph speed limit area.

St Gregory's planning application to be considered by council

We have received this information

Bath and North East Somerset Council has received an application for site below:
Site: St Gregory's Catholic College Combe Hay Lane Odd Down Bath Bath And North East Somerset
Description: Erection of a sixth form building linked to St Gregory's Catholic College with associated highway works and landscaping at Combe Hay Lane.
Application Ref: 12/02548/REG04 Date: 17 September 2012

We are writing to advise that the application as described overleaf will be considered by the Development Control Committee at its meeting to be held on 26 September 2012 at The Guildhall, High Street, Bath commencing at 2.00 pm

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fuller earth Update - enforcement continuing

From the last planning meeting on 29th August

Referring to the Minutes of the previous meeting, the Development Manager
reported that the Planning Inspectorate had not agreed to the enforcement notice appeals being held in abeyance.

On the basis that they were still proceeding, statements of case i.e. documentation required prior to a public local inquiry, needed
to be provided by 20th September.

She informed Members that the Inquiry would probably be held in January next year and last approximately 3-6 days.

In response to a Member’s query, the Development Manager stated that the owners in the meantime had indicated that they were disinclined to continue with the pre-application submission for a residual waste facility.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Free cycle training in Bath

The council is offering free cycling training for adults, contact cycleinstructor.