Monday, 7 May 2012

Fullers earth planning meeting Wednesday

Comment from Cllr Nigel Roberts

Unfortunately due to work commitments I can't attend this special planning meeting to consider planning enforcement at the Fuller Earth Site

I would have liked to make the following comments:

Although this development is not in Odd Down ward it does affect a lot of Odd Down residents in particular those living in Sulis Meadows. These residents have over the years been affected by:

  1. Burning material that has caused black smoke to go over the estate, the material being burnt was never identified.
  2. Endless noise, from beeping of lorries reversing to other noise associated with the use of the site. There have been issues with scrambler motorcycles as well.
  3. Increased traffic as has the rest of Odd Down
At times if you bought a house nearby an existing development, such as waste recycling centre, then there is understanding that you needed to take that into account in your decision to purchase. In this case this is not the case the 350 houses that make up Sulis Meadows were planned and most were built before this site started.

As a whole residents Odd Down has suffered increasing levels of traffic, this was made worse by the Sainsbury's development which itself had no highways improvements. The Wellsway is not a suitable road to bring traffic along to this site with, St. Gregory's at one end. Other potential roads have a 5T weight limit.

This unauthorised development has gone on too long, it doesn't fit with what is around it being in Greenbelt, it is about time we said enough is enough, I hope that you vote to enforce planning laws.

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