Saturday, 4 February 2012

Snowing in Bath

We have received this email from the council's highways department

With regards to today, due to the cold temperatures during this week the road surfaces are very cold and overnight the road temperature could be as low as -9c. Air temperatures are due to fall to -5c

A few key pieces of information in the event of any enquiries.      

Our crews have salted the network regularly during the current cold spell, we will salt again tonight, there is good bed of salt down in advance of any snow.     

The Council salt stock is at maximum capacity, we track the weather forecast and monitor our salt supply and as a result a 500 tonne ‘top up’ was delivered this morning.

The Council out of hours highways service is available across the weekend will undertake any gritting as necessary.

The snow wardens have been e-mailed and made aware of the weather forecast in order that they can make any necessary preparations.

At present, any snowfall on Saturday is not expected to have an impact on Monday.

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