Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Grit bins press release

We have put out the following press relase, it doesn't seem to make sense to us, that residents can see roads that are gritted but can't get there ! Why not let residents groups have grit to help people get around.

The recent wintry weather has again highlighted the need for more grit bins to be available for residents to use, according to Liberal Democrat Councillors in Bath.

Snow and ice before Christmas made the roads and pavements in many residential areas dangerously slippery to use or even impassable. In some cases the main roads, only a short distance away, were clear, but conditions in side roads prevented residents from getting out.

Councillor Dine Romero (Liberal Democrat, Southdown) has previously tried to use some of her Councillor ward ‘allowance’ to provide extra grit bins for Southdown but was prevented from doing so by Council policy.

Councillors are now calling on the Council to change its policy towards residential grit bins and gritting to (1) encourage more grit bins and community action to keep pavements and residential roads clear and (2) to investigate the use of gritting wheelbarrows and where these can be located and looked after.

Councillor Romero said:

“This policy has prevented residents from having grit bins in areas where they are needed and is clearly nonsense. This winter is the second in a row which has seen severe cold snaps and all the signs are that this trend will continue.

“Having more grit bins available to residents would enable them to work together to clear their residential streets. This would be good news for community spirit as well as for the economy and the hospitals which would have fewer broken bones and twisted ankles to deal with!”

Councillor Nigel Roberts (Liberal Democrat, Odd Down) added:

“I have been contacted by a local resident about the possibility of getting gritting wheelbarrows for residents’ use. If these were left with neighbourhood watch coordinators they would be safe and would spread the correct amount of grit, as it is difficult to spread grit evenly when using a spade. In the long run, a supply of gritting wheelbarrows could save money and this alternative suggestion should also be investigated.”

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