Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Culverhay campaign comes to full Council

Liberal Democrat Councillors on B&NES are bringing the campaign to save Culverhay school to the Council chamber next week with a motion calling on the Cabinet not to close the school and to allow it to become co-educational.

“We are determined to make use of every available opportunity to try and make the Cabinet members change their minds about Culverhay. This motion will give the rest of the Council a chance to show they don’t back the Cabinet’s closure plan.

“I know that some of the parents who are campaigning to save Culverhay are coming to speak at the Council meeting and I hope that their words will help persuade the other groups to support this motion.”

To be moved by Councillor Dine Romero:

1. Council believes that, as part of the consultation process on reorganisation of secondary education in Bath, the view of the Council itself should be considered

2. Having considered the published material and comments made, Council supports the retention of two schools in Keynsham; the transformation of Oldfield to a co-educational school; the federation of St Marks and St Gregory’s; and the retention and transformation into a co-educational school of Culverhay.

3. Council recommends to Cabinet, when it considers the Culverhay consultation on November 25, that it takes into account the views of Council and endorses the wishes of the community to retain Culverhay and transform it into a community co-educational school.

This motion will be supported by Steve and Nigel

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