Monday, 27 September 2010

New bus group starting

We have received this email

You are cordially invited to the inaugural meeting of the Bath Bus Users Group (BBUG), Thursday October 7th, 6:30pm at St Michael's Church Crypt, Bath,

BBUG is an independent, non-partisan group of bus users from across Bath who aim
to promote good communications between bus operators, passengers and local government
officers and Councillors. It aims as well to strengthen the voice of bus users in
lobbying for bus transport to be as good as it can be for as many as possible,
at the same time helping to improve our environment, enhancing sustainability and
reducing traffic congestion. We are looking for bus passengers to participate from all
parts of Bath and connected areas. Do you know anyone who might be interested?
They do not have to be an expert, they just need to care about bus transport. If this brings to
mind anyone you know, please could you put them in contact with us or give us their details
so we can invite them along?

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